Sunday, August 24, 2008


If you are a Foreigner and seek to have Spain accept Tourist or Personal Relatives for residence in Spain, an Invitation Letter is necessary. Spain, a member of the European Union and signatory to the Schengen Agreement of June 1985, has an obligation to uphold the Schengen Border Code by controlling foreigners who wish to enter into other countries who are party to this Agreement.

Individually carried out, our Country in accord with the Schengen Agreement, implements the Rules Governing Invitations effecting both Spanish Nationals as well as legal foreign residents of Spain.

Who can submit a letter in favour of a foreigner/ traveller, assuming that there is an agreement to pay housing for the foreigner for the duration of the stay?

- A Spanish citizen
- A Citizen of a Country who is a member of the European Union or beneficiary of the
Community Regime

- A Spanish Legal Foreign resident

In the letter of invitation, the Sponsor must affirm their understanding of the information contained in Art. 318 of the Penal Code listing illegal trafficking of people as a crime punishable by prison for infractions in article 54.1 b), 55.2 c), and 57.1 of the LO 4/2000, there is a fine with a minimum of 6001 and maximum of 60,000 Euros or banishment from Spanish territory for a period of 3 to 10 years and finally all Personal Information such as Passport Number, Nationality and Residence will be flagged to alert both the Police and Civil Guard.

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