Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Graeme Kirk
Gross & Co.

Details of the UK’s new Australian-style Points Based immigration system (PBS) were announced on 6th February 2008 by the British Government, when the Rules for Highly Skilled foreign workers applying to come to the UK were published.

The regulations will start coming into effect on 29th February when any Highly Skilled foreign nationals currently working in the UK who wish to extend their stay will need to apply under the new system. In April, it is intended that the new system will begin to be rolled out overseas when anyone from India who wants to work in the UK as a Highly Skilled Migrant will need to apply under PBS. It is intended by the summer that the new Highly Skilled system will operate worldwide.

The above announcements do constitute something of a delay on the part of the British Government, as it is clear that other aspects of the new Tier 1, namely the entrepreneur and investor visas will not come into effect until later in the year.